Gamut her, Rhythm her


Running games,
Getting clamber
Who wins and who loses,
That question echoes everywhere.

Feel the rush,
People laughing
Who, then, has come
The way to celebrate your drubbing.

No longer will outperform,
Then stabbed in the back and wait for
Someone to sit on the edge of defeat
Now it’s turn came,
Someone seems to be correct.

Black-and-white juxtapositionly,
Only aim is a vanquished
Each side has animatedly,
Who is going to turn now betrayed.

Why are people laughing,
Who’s getting it?
Who is gonna come and whispering in
her honor?

Because the game is no more to it,
With all her strength
Dance on the tip of her fingers all;
Gamut her, rhythm her
Come meet me, I’m Striker, the intrinsic
performer of the jollification.

Tranquillity, take turns thriller. ๐Ÿพ


Empty bit “I”

Empty bit “I”,
A source of quench your thirst “I”

I wish you every tormented breath,
Dry your lips and eyes out of life

You came to me,
When you remember me
You filled me again,
Whenever you need me

Then you’ll leave empty,
And then go after alone
If such is not seen ever before,
And not look back again

You may not realize,
Is choking own my
You do not see that they tear drops,
Which dipped after you try

Dismissal was because I just, your


Tranquillity, take turns thriller. 🐾

Upon whom the crown awry

A color, a place and the same
We like to live here,
Do not live here any phylum

Cinquefoil shape our
Like visited sight in all directions,
And finds a stupendous direction to
No ups and downs of any distinction
Is like home because everybody here

We have to go in your mouth amazing,
Is there such a bang electronic dancer
Light rain started again,
As has been flowing rivers of cocktails
Sometimes sweet, sometimes sour,
Some realized

And bless us that, upon whom the
crown awry


Tranquillity, take turns thriller. 🐾

Designed as me, for the Onus


Turn round you,
Then go down to come detour
But when I turned around,
As if engaged her as ardour

I envisaged them together,
Ask what their name is;
Natural and Synthetic
Such issues are created,
Are to take the burden of the whole
world as

Gravel or stone
Thorns or their painful prick
Not cry not hold,
And forbid any excuse
By the time you verge the destination

Not until my weary steps,
might not have access to the
wandering Notch
Designed as me,
for the Onus

Tranquillity, take turns thriller. 🐾

You wrote her story became extinct


I live here,
And you went
You wrote her story became extinct,
And I been immortal

Slowly caught three of her delicate
Thumb, forefinger and middle finger
By then rotated paper values โ€‹โ€‹on those
Making trips to the world of words

Duet those words,
And on your classical dance
Sometimes down, sometimes up
If ever go wandering round
And then in a unique position to stay

Scream occasionally ‘A’ noise,
“C” is, as hot peppers consumed,
Questions of ‘Q’ dictatorship,
And his Shhh.. “S” scares,
But she did not stop writing her story;
As yet, I in you

I live here,
And you went
You wrote her story became extinct,
And I been immortal

Tranquillity, take turns thriller. 🐾

Or is hiding a secret there?


What dwells there,
A glitch?
Who lives there,
A hoax
Or is hiding a secret there?

When behold, something not seen from
When behold, something not seen from

So it should not come to some
understanding when efface.
Erased by light or dark the darkness
into the light, took his voiceless.

Then waving it in the air; by the blast of
a dim,
Ever came forward, never backwards.

Peeping from behind her back, called
Some called him, he just went along to
her, called Dark.