Wiring’s Mishmash Logic ✌

Those mish-mash of wire.
As if mingle-mangle of your.

Wiring color is,
Red,yellow, blue and black.
My eyes stop off on color red ,
Because it gives me a lil heart attack,
Qua there is playing our song track.

Apparently there have a little wire,
Which has not connected any other wire.
Because only that wire makes a satire,
Instead of committed with anyone, she’ll set on fire.

Wiring's mishmash logic

24 thoughts on “Wiring’s Mishmash Logic ✌

    1. Well..Whenever someone told to me -You are strange – so I did not understand. I always think what it means, what I am not a human being? What I’m from another world? 😜 Lol..finally I reached the results. You all guys tell me that why wacky I m. Thanks a lot!


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