Revenge of your a disavowal, which makes me Artists.


A wooden table,
Which is obsolete.
As though broken anyone fortune, Which was built by his experience
And etiquette.

Look at the lonely chair;
Many seasons came and went,
Several months, years passed away.
Still waiting to be doing as if someone
And be humming a song alone.

When seated with his single destiny;
And no one’s going to be a wait.
There is enjoy like he is taking the Poles Whom these words are placed Together.

And then takes a revenge of their Decline,
Exactly like the black poles lying down
The steps are as an artist as the first Rays of the sun kisses.

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23 thoughts on “Revenge of your a disavowal, which makes me Artists.

  1. You have an unconventional way of writing, perhaps I haven’t been exposed to something similar, it comes across as being quite witty, emphasising minute details and so.

    Anyway, you captured this scene and created a beautiful metaphor out of it, great work.

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  2. Hey, I came here and, even in your archives could not find anything I have not already read. So would like to ask a question about this piece; However if you choose not to answer, that is the privilege and mystery to the artist. I think this piece speaks of growing as an artist even though it is being done out of pain. Out of inflicted pain by one who is immature.

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    1. When I began writing, and sometimes not even thought of and would like to encourage all of my articles.
      It’s my pleasure that people take your precious time to read my blog. Would appreciate it if someone removes any mistakes and so carried away that which I wrote a story her looks. If someone asks me to learn how to write.

      Believe pain makes us all shaken. And then begins a new chapter which we know – thriller.

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