Upon whom the crown awry

A color, a place and the same
We like to live here,
Do not live here any phylum

Cinquefoil shape our
Like visited sight in all directions,
And finds a stupendous direction to
No ups and downs of any distinction
Is like home because everybody here

We have to go in your mouth amazing,
Is there such a bang electronic dancer
Light rain started again,
As has been flowing rivers of cocktails
Sometimes sweet, sometimes sour,
Some realized

And bless us that, upon whom the
crown awry


Tranquillity, take turns thriller. 🐾

36 thoughts on “Upon whom the crown awry

      1. Sorry, you’re right, I should have been back sooner.
        Between you and me, it is just that some folk click “like” on the reader for my posts but don’t actually view them. Sometimes I can tell the dif, other times not. In your case it appears that you are not doing that. My sincere apologies, I will willingly make a better effort, and thanks for notice.
        Sincerely; MAO

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Sorry..after reading i hit the “like” button.
        If I see something interesting in your writing so I visit on your blog.
        You are unnecessarily blamed me. 😛

        I want to apologize to you for my presumptuousness. :))
        Keep in touch. God bless you.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Good response. I didn’t blame you, however, no, I was being cautious. Because I’m new to the internet and blogging. I was surprised that some of my “readers” were hitting like on the reader but not opening up the post. Everytime I got a like, immediately I would go read one of their posts (you see their strategy). But don’t bother yourself, you’re Good. I apologize again, for staying away, I did likewise to others, until I felt confident to return to their posts, so please, do not feel discriminated against. Please!

        Liked by 1 person

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