Empty bit “I”

Empty bit “I”,
A source of quench your thirst “I”

I wish you every tormented breath,
Dry your lips and eyes out of life

You came to me,
When you remember me
You filled me again,
Whenever you need me

Then you’ll leave empty,
And then go after alone
If such is not seen ever before,
And not look back again

You may not realize,
Is choking own my
You do not see that they tear drops,
Which dipped after you try

Dismissal was because I just, your


Tranquillity, take turns thriller. 🐾

50 thoughts on “Empty bit “I”

      1. What is the mistake in believing? Here are just some of my grammatical errors, if I would have believed that I would be killed. 😛
        Here you can tell, I have no fear. I’ve come here to learn and I will learn only. :))


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