Gamut her, Rhythm her


Running games,
Getting clamber
Who wins and who loses,
That question echoes everywhere.

Feel the rush,
People laughing
Who, then, has come
The way to celebrate your drubbing.

No longer will outperform,
Then stabbed in the back and wait for
Someone to sit on the edge of defeat
Now it’s turn came,
Someone seems to be correct.

Black-and-white juxtapositionly,
Only aim is a vanquished
Each side has animatedly,
Who is going to turn now betrayed.

Why are people laughing,
Who’s getting it?
Who is gonna come and whispering in
her honor?

Because the game is no more to it,
With all her strength
Dance on the tip of her fingers all;
Gamut her, rhythm her
Come meet me, I’m Striker, the intrinsic
performer of the jollification.

Tranquillity, take turns thriller. 🐾

48 thoughts on “Gamut her, Rhythm her

  1. Just wrote a post today which has something in common with this piece you wrote two days ago (read between the lines). Very unusual for this to occur. Your vocabulary is quite graphic, descriptive.

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      1. In all sincerity I have to set you straight (kindly) I have been recognized in the American public school System, labeled a genius. I voraciously read many books on Psychology as a young person (14 years up ). The cumulate knowledge I retained helped my as a Christian to see that there is a Biblical psychology in the Word of God. That is what, aside with my own breakdown analytically of personal experiences (self orientation). In my archives you will find that I have explained that the Analyst, minus the application of the Biblical knowledge of the Fall of man cannot begin to fully help the person with attached developmental problems. This is too abbreviated a platform for me to qualify myself in. Your perception of what I do is very sweet and kind. But I leave you with this; Man’s accreditation is not the last word, does not disqualify common sense and that is what God has amply supplied me with due to the reinstatement within me of His Spirit of Power, Love and a Sound Mind. Sincerely; MAO and thank you for reading my posts and for the visit and for your wonderful writings.

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  2. nice poem.

    What spirit
    arose, delivered
    this angel
    to reach down, pull me
    out from depths

    avoided? What can
    I do to spruce up
    your life? Your
    unwitting guidance polished

    by love smile:
    recipient sings.
    Your halo,
    pulls out this beating
    heart, offers

    it, by hand
    and outstretched arm. You,
    dressed so well, humble
    by nature
    shy, receive eternal love.

    to you, with love, compassion,
    creates new
    human experience.

    erupts when we arrive at
    love, laughing
    in relief, in awe:
    love perfects itself.

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  3. o stayclassy21 !!whole world is a playground where some one win n other side someone defeat.v should take all winnings n defeatings normaly.many days have gone.did u not write any new things?why?i m waiting some new……….

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